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My disk sleeps in less than one minute

Feb 1, 2016 at 10:55 PM
Hello everyone,

I found out this program because I'm having a serious issue. Im using a "Seagate Constellation CS 1TB" HDD as my secondary disk. Since it's recommended for mass cloud storage/arrays as Seagate also told me when I mailed them about this.

The sleep time of my disk is almost instant. I confirmed it in "Resource Monitor". Its usage in around 10 seconds of idle is at 0 and when I do anything (like searching for a program in Start Menu) a peak appears and I hear a mechanical sound along with an accelerating sound that lasts for 2-3 seconds. So does the freeze.

So is it possible to set the write option of the program in seconds instead of minutes?
With a minimum value of even 1 second?

If not, is it possible to give me some info to mod it myself? The only programming language is Fortran...

Many thanks for your time,
Mar 5, 2016 at 6:49 AM
Hi Mike,

I have attached a 1-60 second version of the utility. Hope it does the trick.


Ashutosh Agarwal