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NoSleepHD v2.0 by Ashutosh Agarwal

NoSleepHD is a simple program which writes an empty text file every few minutes to your external hard disk drive(s) to keep it from going into auto-sleep mode.

Usually auto sleep timer in external hard disks is 10 Minutes. I got the idea from a similar solution for OS X which can be found here


New in Version 2.0

1. Monitor multiple drives at once.
2. User can disconnect hard drive(s) at anytime without stopping NoSleepHD.
3. Monitoring will resume automatically whenever the drive is connected again.
  • Even if ALL the monitored drives are NOT connected.
  • Unless stopped manually.
4. Drive information tool.
5. Separate 'About' page.
6. Better error handling.
7. PayPal 'Donate' button.

How to use the program:
  • 1. Select any drive/folder on the external hard disk which you wish to monitor.
2. Set the timer. (10 Minutes Recommended)
3. Press 'Start NoSleep Mode'.

Optional Features:
  • 1. Click 'Info' tab to view drive information.
2. Monitor multiple drives by selecting, more drives in 'Configuration' tab. (Up to 5 External Hard Drives)
3. Hard drive monitoring can be stopped if necessary. (Which would allow the drive to go to auto-sleep.
4. Application can be chosen to sit in the System Tray or simply minimized.
5. Auto-run at start-up can also be enabled.

  • NoSleepHD is a free open source project that is developed in personal time. You can show your appreciation for NoSleepHD and support future development by donating.

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  • 100% CLEAN award granted by Softpedia

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